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Questions & Answers


How do I know a company is legit or not?

We have gone to great lengths to research each and every company however you may hear about one that is not on our list. There are things to watch out for if you're looking for a cyber agent job. Don't fall for quick easy money promises offering getting rich quick. If it sounds too good to be true then be cautious. Also watch internet job board many scams are advertising under work at home opportunities so be careful No money up front is the norm so if you get one wanting money up front research the company online as much as you can. Don’t forget you might have to be hired as an independent contractor and will be required to pay your taxes quarterly so talking with an accountant is a good idea because there may be additional coast in setting your self in this manor.



What if I am not familiar with there type of services and products but have the computer skills?

Cyber agents go through an intense training course.



What is the hardest part of becoming a at cyber agent?

You do have to have computer knowledge. Many of the companies will put you through a computer competency exam. Some will be a sample site of the company’s site you would be using. Meaning the test will be of customer/customer service rep dialog where you have to read what the customers’' problem are and have to maneuver around the site to find answers in finding a solution to the customers problem.  Some companies will test accuracy and speed before hiring you to work with there company. This helps the company doing the hiring, to see what a self starter you are and how computer literate you are. 


Also a lot of companies are requiring you to becoming incorporated, you may also be expected to do some computer upgrades, and upgrading your other office equipment to work out of your home office might be expected as well. But don’t worry, you may not have enough knowledge but you can hire some one to get your computer to the companies standard!



Do you have the basic requirements to become a cyber agent?

To become a virtual customer service agent where you’d accept incoming phone calls from customers of large companies, you mast have a computer, high speed internet access, a landline telephone, and a quiet work space. You must provide all of that at your own expense. You will be not reimbursed.



Are you entrepreneurial?

Not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. You have to thrive on running your own show. It you work best in a more structured environment, this kind of home-baaed call center work probably isn’t for you




 Do you have a pleasant phone manner, common sense, and a desire to solve problems efficiently?

Prior sales or customer service experience is a plus, being that they are your top positions opened with most companies. These companies will some times request bilingual skills and consider it a big asset but not all companies require this skill. The application processes may require typing, writing, language, and computer test as well as doing background checks such as credit checks, background checks, and drug testing. Hiring is handled online and on the phone so if you required to read a script make sure to practice before you go live with the phone interview! Many are not considered doe to not reading correctly, not using business voice inflection, and handling control of the conversation in a professional and timely manor.